I have been writing in my diary a lot more since Covid began, I’ve found it enjoyable. I think mainly because we’re in Lockdown and there’s not a lot else to do. I like to reflect in my day and my thoughts. It calms me and brings me peace and with all the uncertainty going on, it has become a constant in my daily life.

I have found the simple things to do around the flat more fulfilling. There’s something about washing clothes and bedding that I find really satisfying; or hoovering the flat for the first time in awhile.

Lockdown has also meant more time for Netflix. The amount of series and films I have consumed over the past few months is just ridiculous. But after a busy day at work, sitting down and binge watching an entire series of Queer Eye or Tiger King has made being in Lockdown bearable. It’s this mind numbing content that really helps me just switch off.

Me and my boyfriend Liam were meant to be flying to Australia in July, starting our new adventure. We had the first 2 months all planned out, travelling up the east coast on buses and having once in a lifetime experiences. And then after that we were winging it. We didn’t have plans after that, which I was excited for. To just be free and see whatever we wanted to for the rest of our year or two away. But Covid had other ideas.

The one saving grace has been the arrival of my brand new niece! She is perfect! Covid has meant that I have been able to spend more time with her. If Australia had gone ahead, I would have only met her once. She is the light 2020 has been waiting for.

Working in a hospital and having weekly updates about Covid, has made it all seem so real. Watching the news and being inundating with growing death tolls has been horrific to hear. The majority of the world has been affected by this. In some way it has brought people together (at a distance).

For me the worst thing to happen so far is that my plans to Australia got postponed. I realise how fortunate I am. I saw a post on Instagram that said something along the lines of ‘if the worst things to happen to me in Lockdown is that I gain a little weight and my hair grows long, I think I’m doing alright.’ It’s all about perspective.

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