The power of meditation.

I am grounded.

I am calm.

I am at peace.

My mind feels levelled.

This is my time. I am no ones employee, no ones senior, no ones girlfriend, no ones daughter, sister or friend. When I meditate I am just me. A being. A body that serves solely a purpose for inhaling and exhaling. I am transported almost to a different state of being. It’s a powerful thing, meditation.

Stopping for half an hour to just focus on breathing, to abolish thoughts from your stressful day, to become yourself again. I talk about not being any other form of myself when I meditate but really I feel more me and more in tune with everything around me. I can rationalise unwanted and uninvited thoughts. I can feel every pocket of my lungs working so deeply to keep my breath going. I feel the ground beneath me. This all helps to maintain my focus. The quiet. The candlelight. The fairy lights I have on. The soft calming music playing. I can’t explain it but it is powerful. To have no sound other than the teacher or the music, it’s effortlessly peaceful.

My mind really struggles to slow down. My job is stressful, and the uncertainty of life right now brings about a washing machine like mind. It spins and spins and sometimes I feel like I’m drowning. With meditation practice though, this soothes my mind. My thoughts become softer and less confused. I tend to stay this way all evening after I have meditated. However I never go into a meditation with preconceived ideas of it performing some kind of miracle because the pressure of this could have the adverse reaction. So instead I welcome the new meditation as a fresh. A chance for me to just slow down and everything else, all of the effects it has, I just let happen if they’re going to.

It’s a powerful end to my evening tonight. I was really stressing out before this due to a none related situation which had driven me to tears. And part of me did not want to sit and be peaceful and centre myself, it wanted me to stay in this feeling of utter frustration. But the effort it took my mind to feel so uncomfortably wound up, was more than the meditation. It took up more brain energy to feel unmotivated to meditate than it did to do it. And of course it worked. I was able to bring myself back again to a calming state. The frustration I felt earlier almost dissipated. Meditation and simply breathing creates a specific feeling inside me that is incomparable.

The mind is so powerful, it just sometimes needs a focus, a straight road instead of 500 roundabouts before the destination.

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