I’m not one to make New Years resolutions really because I’ve never stuck to them in the past so I don’t really bother now. However now that 2020 is over, we’ve waved goodbye and said good riddance, I’m feeling hopeful for the year ahead. Let’s face it, it can’t really get much worse.

So rather than making massive unreachable resolutions per say, I thought I’d share a collection of mini, no-pressure ‘goals’ I would like to achieve this year, or things I’d like to carry on from last year.

With the start of Covid and lockdowns last year, myself and my partner got out much more into nature than we ever have before. We explored new walks and even hiked up a mountain! This is something that really helped me stay connected to myself and kept me grounded whilst the world around us seemed so different. So with that being said this year I aim to get out even more. Find new areas we haven’t explored, and just be with nature some more. It’s the peacefulness and the simplicity of it. I love being around water and forests. The feeling of total escapism and being able to breathe much more clearly. Knowing I’ll never feel mentally worse after a walk, no matter what the weather is. Seeing the tall trees above me and feeling so small, there’s a comfort in that.

Keeping on the mindfulness path, I practised meditation much more in 2020 than ever before. It sometimes felt like the only way for my mind to calm down and feel present. The world was been so noisy this year, so sitting quietly and focusing in on my breathing and just shutting off from everything really helped my mental health. In 2021 I wish to continue this maybe even on a daily basis. Meditating outside is something extremely powerful, it’s a rarity for me but definitely something I would like to experience more. The tranquility of meditation combined with the softness and peacefulness of nature is a perfect relaxing blend.

I remember sitting on a rock above the clashing waves beneath and just shutting my eyes. The waves were soothing and this really helped my mind tune in. I could switch off my worries and unrelated thoughts and just listen to the waves and focus on my breaths. It felt so good. There’s nothing like it really. To be transported somewhere else, away from your daily life and your mindset. To escape into a deeper fulfilment. It’s extremely enriching.

I started my blog in summer 2020, as a way of getting my thoughts down and out of my mind. In my first post I discussed self care and what that means to me. Covid really gave me a push to do it as I gathered we all must be feeling a similar way and maybe if I’m writing about my thoughts, someone else may not feel so alone with theirs. So continuing to write posts and improve my writing style is a target I would like to keep working on.

I would also like to improve my health and fitness. Lockdown threw a spanner in the works when it came to my weekly exercise regime. Once workout classes were cancelled, I became lazy. Yes I went on a lot of walks but I stopped walking to work everyday. I stopped having motivation to work out. My daily intake of food definitely increased as I was home much more so food was readily accessible. Don’t get me wrong, I don’t fall prey to the whole ‘New Year, New Me’ mantra, but I do find that a new year brings with it a sense of wiping the slate clean. I don’t intend on slimming down or working on my ‘summer bod’ but I would like to get fit again for better health reasons.

Me and my boyfriend were on track to be moving and travelling around Australia last July but that wasn’t to be. So I am continuing to save for a post-Covid time or at least a safer travel time…fingers crossed sooner rather than later.

I aim to be happier and healthy (good health shouldn’t have to be something to aim for-a thought I wouldn’t have considered before 2020, but here we are). I wish my loved ones a healthy year ahead and everyone reading this.

1st January 2021 you are just another day. But really the pressure is on to make it a better year. Please and thank you.

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