The cool breeze from my partially opened bedroom window hits my face, I appreciate it; which means I hope, that warmer weather is on its way as the cool air is pleasant not freezing.

I start reading a book on my kindle but soon after, my eyes get heavier and heavier. Before I realise it they are shut and my kindle lies beside me. I have already removed my glasses between the deepening of my blinks. In my half consciousness I place them on my left side as I lay on my right, facing the window.

Even with my eyes shut the room is bright. It’s past 4 in the afternoon so this is a later than usual nap for me. But it’s clearly needed. My breathing slows and I rest. The smells of almost stale, sweaty bedding and general bedroom smells creep out of the window without a trace. I hear cars in the distance and workman at the garage opposite our flat. The sounds I have gotten used to and somehow soothes me off to a peaceful snooze.

My phone is on the floor by the side of my bed so I’m not disturbed for the entirety of the nap. I usually sleep naked but when it comes to napping, I find pyjamas comforting. They fill me with warmth and my duvet wraps around me like a caterpillar in it’s cocoon. When I’m totally ready for sleep my mind doesn’t race, it’s when I’m forcing sleep to happen that my mind spins. Naps should be relaxing not forced.

Before I realise it, it’s 5:30pm and my eyes start to open. I’m facing the other way and the breeze tickles the back of my neck. Shit! I’ve rolled onto my glasses! The one and only pair I have. They’re slightly wonky but nothing my partner can’t fix.

I’m satisfied as I start to rise. The heaviness of my eyes lifts and after a few moments of familiarising myself with my hazy surroundings, the haze fades and I’m awake again.

I begin my evening with a glass of cold water (okay orange squash, I’m not a water drinker but it sounds more idealistic and adult). The kitchen is colder than the rest of the flat. We keep the velux window partially opened to rid the room of cooking smells. But it’s perfect. Small and petite but we don’t need anything more. Most of last nights dishes are clean but left out to dry from the night before. We don’t tend to dry pots. It’s probably a lazy thing but it’s just how we’ve done it for the past 2 years of living here.

After cooking we sit at the dining table (a small 4 seater table from IKEA) that is placed in our living room, separate from the lounge area. If we’re having a risotto or pizza for example, we’d sit on the sofa but tonight it’s a three bean chilli with jacket potatoes so we agree it’s a table meal.

Once we’ve finished eating, we leave the plates by the sink and one of us promises to wash up later. We have a couple hours in front of the television, watching a mindless reality show that we’ve guiltily grown to love. We comment on the ridiculousness of the programme, we’re so engrossed but sometimes barely taking it in and never listening contently. It’s our way of zoning out. Forgetting about the stresses of the day and just releasing our minds and allowing them to just stop for a bit. It’s comforting that we both enjoy trash television. I have definitely been the instigator for this, and I’m okay with that.

Time passes and before we realise it it’s 11pm. We’ve inadvertently watched a whole series. The washing up is now a priority as no one likes to wake up to a kitchen full of dirty dishes.

We clean our teeth and then crawl into bed, with heavy whizzy eyes and tired limbs. We kiss goodnight and turn off our bedside lights.

We rest and heal, ready for a new day.

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