Everyone has mental health. Everyone. Not everyone has issues with their mental health but for everyone it is something that needs to be nourished.

And with nourishing comes the willingness to understand that we are more similar as humans than different.

There is far too much hate in the world, that is surely fact. But before we tackle all the hate that people have for other people, I think we need to look within ourselves and our minds and figure ourselves out. For we (ourselves) are the ones that have to listen to our own voices so let’s begin there.

I totally believe schools need to be teaching about mental health and well-being and to advocate for the importance of talking and being open, for kids to understand that it’s okay, that life doesn’t revolve around other peoples opinions. For young people to know it’s okay to have issues and there is help out there.

There is so little understanding of how to communicate about emotions and feelings and irrational thoughts, that when us as children then grow up and don’t really know to navigate our own mind, it’s unsettling.

We aren’t taught that self understanding and being present with ones own mind is key to basic survival, without spiralling into a mess of metaphorical quick sand, unable to rationally navigate our way out. Too often we find ourselves isolated and we have changed and become so insular, without any awareness of how that occurred.

The brain is lazy but the mind can work overtime trying to convince the brain of some irrational, unrelatable, untruth that it has just conjured up to annoy the shit out of us. We become physically and emotionally tired because of this constant unhelpful chatter in our minds; because of this power it holds, our ability to drown it out is challenged. This in turn leads to the unwitting and inevitable need to listen. Because somewhere along the way it becomes easier. Our brain will naturally be driven to the easier option and listening instead of working on ways to shut these thoughts out, is just the brains way of telling us it’s lazy.

So it’s up to us to figure this shit out on our own. To find ways to understanding our own mind and come to a realisation that being your true self is the crux of it. Knowing who you are is something that should take time. Having time by yourself to understand how your own mind works is vital.

Too often people listen to the nasty things their own mind is telling them, because if that’s all you can hear, you’re bound to listen.

If you think of your brain and mind as two totally different entities, then by reminding your mind that you, as a person are in control of what you think, the brain will act accordingly. Totally easier said than done. But I think it does come down to the lack of understanding of how the mind works and the disregard to the power of communication.

Maybe if we felt the acceptance and normality that should occur when opening up, we’d do it more. We may think it’s just easier to shut up sometimes and struggle.

But that’s where we need to change our thinking, dig deep and put effort into figure ourselves out; doing the hard work to actually become a better, healthier you.

It’ll pay off.

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